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This event is organized by NGI Uppsala

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) is hosted by Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), a Swedish national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research. NGI is a part of SciLifeLab’s genomics platform, which is the largest technical platform both in terms of number of projects and number of users. It provides access to technology for massively parallel/next generation DNA sequencing, genotyping at all scales and associated bioinformatics support to researchers based in Sweden. It comprises four facilities, NGI Stockholm (Application Development and Production) and NGI Uppsala (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform and Uppsala Genome Center). NGI website SciLifeLab website

Co-organizer: Clinical Genomics Uppsala

Clinical Genomics Uppsala is jointly set up by Uppsala University, Uppsala University Hospital and SciLifeLab with the aim to catalyze the transition of novel research findings into molecular diagnostics for clinical use. CGU website

Aim of this event

To inform the scientific community, both in Sweden and internationally, about the latest advances in long-read sequencing technologies and their applications.

Target group

Anyone interested in long-read sequencing technology is welcome. We hope that this event will provide useful information to a broad community, from savvy users to beginners and everybody else who would just like to get more information about this sequencing type.

Organizing Committee

  • Olga Vinnere Pettersson
  • Adam Ameur
  • Susanne Hellstedt Kerje
  • Ida Höijer
  • Anna Olsson


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Important dates

Abstract deadline: August 21
Early bird deadline: September 11
Abstract notification: September 4

Organized by

National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)

Clinical Genomics Uppsala (CGU)

The Long-Read Transcriptomics European Consortium (LongTREC)